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Sewing Projects: Clothes and Accessories

Tell us what you want to sow and at our sewing factory OCouture we will find a way to realize your project.

Our company offers a wide range of services in the field of clothing design, templates and grading. We also sow, stitch and produce knitted hats, sweaters, scarves and other, more complex items of clothing.

To meet our clients’ requirements, we offer the following services:

  1. Garment construction;
  2. Pattern grading and sizing along with clothing templates;
  3. Sewing blouses (we sow: hooded sweatshirts, zip up hoodies and printed on hoodies);
  4. Sewing men’s clothing (pants, sweatpants, suits, ponchos, shorts, sportswear);
  5. Sewing sportswear and workwear;
  6. Sewing t-shirts, blouses, sweaters and other tops;
  7. Complex print on shirts (coordination of the whole production process);
  8. Sewing suits;
  9. Sewing ponchos;
  10. Sewing skirts and dresses;
  11. Sewing elegant menswear (chinos, shorts, polos)

We can sew clothes using our own material or fabrics provided by you.

Sweater, Hat and Knitwear Manufacturing

For the FW Fall winter seasons, we offer production of knitted hats, scarves and sweaters as well as more complex clothing and apparel.

From our sewing factory, you can also order:

  • Winter hats with custom design, print or pattern;
  • Winter hats with unique embroidering;
  • Light hats sown from fabric or knitted with yarn;
  • Ear bands;
  • Winter scarves;
  • Scarf and hat sets with custom designs;
  • A variety of sweaters sown from different materials (cotton, acrylic, etc.)

After choosing the pattern and discussing the exact product specifications, we first create a prototype. Following client approval, our experienced sewing team begins the manufacturing of the chosen scarves, hats or other piece of clothing.

Regardless of the time of year, we accept sewing orders for men’s, women’s and children’s apparel made from various fabrics such as cotton, jacquard, viscose, polyester, etc.

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