Hat and scarf manufaturing

Winter Hats and Scarves

We began as a manufacturer of hats and scarves which is the reason why we have many years of experience in choosing the right yarn, pattern and even incorporating specific designs. You can decorate your hats with custom embroidering, writing or even a badge. This will make your product truly unique.

It does not matter if you want women’s, men’s or children’s hats. We can sow anything from beanies to Rasta hats as well as more complex and custom hats. Your design is our command.

Spring Hats

Are you planning to make hats, beanies or toques for the spring? In our sewing factory, we can make winter hats as well as other, lighter hats for fall or spring.

Wholesale Hat and Scarf Production + Individual Orders

As a we manufacture all our scarves, hats, toques and beanies, we are able to take orders of various sizes (big and small). In our factory you can custom order wholesale as well as retail quantities.

You can order custom hats and scarves without limitations. We will sow them for you. 🙂

odCZAPYHat and scarf manufaturing