About Us

Why choose our sewing factory over others?

  1. We are a family business with many years of experience in the sewing and manufacturing of garments and knitwear used in the production of hats, sweaters and scarves;
  2. We have our own clothing brands which is the reason why we understand all the problems related to the business. When choosing us you have the guarantee that we will take an individual approach to your products and your requirements.
  3. Quality is our priority and that is why every step of the production process is carefully managed by our team of supervisors. Your clients order will be perfect.
  4. Our sewing factory is available for new fashion businesses and does not shy away from small deals and individual clients.
  5. Thanks to the fact that we sow in Europe. You can be certain that your collection will be delivered to you on time;
  6. In addition to sewing, we offer professional production of different fabrics for winter hats and sweaters, designed according to your own specifications;
  7. We can sew clothes either from materials provided by you or from fabrics that we order from producers. When it comes to scarves and hats, we can produce any of your designs using yarn. Everything depends on what you require.
  8. Thanks to close collaboration with our partners, we are able to print on the apparel we manufacture. We do print on t-shirts, sweatpants, sweaters with custom designs and full print on all clothes. We can also do embroidery.

Sewing, especially creatively, is our passion.

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